on a few supplements. After a short conversation where she patiently answered all my questions, I decided to give it a try.

Since I couldn't find any of the products I was looking for locally I had to find them online. No one, at that time, had everything I needed in one convenient place and I had to shop at multiple web sites to get all I needed for AJ's care. When everything arrived and AJ had been eating his fresh food diet with a quality joint supplement for about two weeks I noticed that he was almost effortlessly cruising up and down the stairs. It was at that time that I also noticed his teeth were brighter, breath fresher, and he no longer had that "doggy smell" anymore. I was sold on the idea that food can make a huge difference in achieving a healthy state and started to learn all that I could about how quality, species-appropriate foods could help dogs live healthier lives.

2 years later my heart was shattered when I learned that AJ was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. There must have been something that I could have done better to help prevent this sort of horrible disease, I thought to myself. I delved even deeper into learning what makes and keeps dogs healthy. I learned that nutrition is just one part of a holistic health plan - we need to reduce, as much as possible, the toxic load from their lives by limiting their exposure to vaccines*, household/yard chemicals, artificial preservatives, toxic toys, chemical pesticides, second hand smoke, conventional pharmaceuticals* and increasing their mental & physical stimulation in a positive way.

The idea for a health food store for pets came to me during the 5 short months that I cared for AJ with his cancer. In August 2002 Natural Pet Market was born and ever since it has been my personal goal to offer the highest quality products, support the animal rescue community, and be a trusted resource for dog and cats.

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Tracy Werner, President

*Always consult with your holistic veterinarian when deciding on a treatment/health plan for your individual animals.

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My whole life I've lived with animals, mostly dogs and cats, but there always seemed to be the house parakeet or hamster to mix things up. For as long as I can remember I was always in the companionship with a canine buddy. My first dog as an adult was a Golden Retriever named AJ. He was a friend to all and everyone who met him fell in love immediately. At the age of 7 he began to have serious difficulties walking up and down the stairs. I contacted a canine massage therapist who gave AJ some relief but suggested that I change his diet and put him