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Introducing NEW Market Stews!

Created by Natural Pet Market's own Tracy Werner, these

small-batch stews are the perfect super food toppers for picky eaters, dogs in need of a nutritional boost, and owners looking to feed home cooked foods without the hassle.

Our special cooking techniques make the stews highly

Chicken Market Stew

Chicken leg quarters (meat only)

Chicken bone broth

Sweet potato

Chicken liver


Green beans



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Did you know that we PRICE MATCH?!?!?

Yep, we will match prices of local brick and mortar stores. We rarely have to since our prices are generally lower across the board.

Personalized Nutritional Counseling

Natural Pet Market is well-known for our sound nutritional advice offered by our staff in store, and now we can personalize canine and feline nutritional counseling for your pets on a more detailed level. Many health issues can be helped with a species appropriate nutritional program. Food and often times supplements work with the animal's own body to create a healthier state. Along the same lines, species UNappropriate foods can cause chronic inflammation that can lead to issues such as arthritis, allergies, obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, and cancers. Email if you would like to learn more or get yourself a personalized consultation with Tracy: twerner@naturalpetmarket.com

“Good nutrition and vitamins do not directly cure disease, the body does. You provide the raw materials and the inborn wisdom of your body makes the repairs." - Dr. Andrew Saul M.D., PhD

palatable for even the most finicky eaters. We use only the freshest, human-grade meats and produce that you would buy for your family. Each recipe is different and uses unique, synergistic canine super foods for pinnacle nutrition. In 3 delectable flavors: chicken, beef, and turkey. These stews can easily be made complete and balanced with adding our recommended calcium and vitamin/mineral supplements.