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Personal Nutritional Consultation

We Want Your Pet To Live a Long and Healthy Life

You walk into your local pet food store that claims to be experts on nutrition... Can they customize a nutrition plan for a dog with cancer AND food allergies? A cat with high liver values? A very finicky senior dog with gall bladder sludge? How about a 1 year old cat who is scratching himself raw but is already on a novel protein raw diet?

Tracy hears these types of issues (and many many more!) each and every day. She is known for her sound and effective nutritional advice that truly helps the pets heal and thrive. And even if you have a happy healthy pet Tracy can tell you the best way to keep them that way based on their INDIVIDUAL needs. There are no boiler plate answers at Natural Pet Market, she listens to you, asks the right questions, and formulate a custom plan just for YOUR pet.

Many health issues can be helped with a species appropriate nutrition program. Food and often times supplements work with the animal's own body to create a healthier state. Along the same lines, species UNappropriate foods can cause chronic inflammation that can lead to issues such as arthritis, allergies, obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, and cancers.

Why Your Pet Food Choices Matter

- 1 in 2 dogs will get cancer in their lifetime
- Obesity, Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Allergies - carnivorous animals fed a dry food diet of mainly carbohydrates are statistically shown to be more at risk for these life shortening diseases.

“Good nutrition and vitamins do not directly cure disease, the body does. You provide the raw materials and the inborn wisdom of your body makes the repairs." - Dr. Andrew Saul M.D., PhD

Consultation Services

Whether you want advice in choosing a commercial, kibble, can, dehydrated, freeze dried, or raw food, need counsel on creating your own meals at home, or seek guidance with herbal, nutraceutical, or homeopathic supplements - NPM can help. We look at your pet’s individual needs, your time and budget, any health concerns and come up with a nutrition plan based on years of experience and research.

Home Made Diet Analysis - $25
Do you make your own dog or cat food? Are you sure that you are providing all of their nutritional needs?  We will compare your recipe to The National Research Council’s nutritional requirements and give you a detailed report of all the proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals in your formula including if there are any deficiencies or excesses. When your payment is processed you will receive an email with further instructions.

Personalized Nutritional Consultation - $125
One time consult via phone or in person at Natural Pet Market. You will receive a written outline and recommendations afterwards. When your payment is processed you will receive an email with further instructions and scheduling options.

30 Day Follow Up - $75
When purchased with the initial consultation you will receive 4 follow up sessions in the 30 days following your initial consultation for status reviews, tweaks, and on going advice.

1 Time Follow Up - $50
A one on one follow up within 90 days of your original consultation. When your payment is processed you will receive an email with further instructions and scheduling options.

What People Are Saying

“I can't thank Tracy and her staff enough for always putting the best interests of what I feed my dog at the highest level of concern and interest.”

"I think Tracy is awesome. She is very knowledgeable about pet food. She helped me when I found out that my cat had allergies. They were able to recommend the right food to feed him. Recently, I found my cat with liver issues and Tracy helped me to figure out the best course to treat the issue. My cat had awful blood work. I got suggestions and the results from a blood test after a month was almost normal. I can not thank them enough. I would have been lost this time if the YPNC was not there. They care about your pets!"